« Trop de couleurs distrait le spectateur. »
Jacques Tati

COVID-19 is not a joke ; protect yourself and your close ones.
Even if you're in a « less–at–risk » group, you can still contaminate other people and maybe kill them directly or indirectly (by contributing to the saturation of the healthcare system).
If you get sick. whatever your age is, you will have a ten to fifteen percent chance to get serious medical sequelæ.
We'll have to deal with a lot of dangers – sanitary, obviously, but also economical – with a risk of a terrible recession at the corner of the street, political, with governments not wasting a good crisis to crush civil rights and implementing new control tools for the population, and most importantly social anomie (caused by short-term individualistic behaviours).
– when possible stay at home
keep social distance
wash your hands, often, thoroughly, with soap – for at least thirty seconds
sneeze and cough into your elbow
– if you wear a mask, make sure to wear it correctly – and avoid contaminating yourself by putting or removing it
– last but not least, if you're fit, healthy and available, help and support your neighbours, especially those in « at–risk » groups.

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En première ligne is an Instagram account dedicated to Swiss everyday heroes (Les héros du quotidien) – postmen, nurses, firemen, LEOs, people in green, shopkeepers, citizens helping their neighbours, etcætera. Go follow them to be inspired.

@atelierdecadence has launched a new website, 130' – where you can buy prints of his work.
If you're looking for a great webdesigner/graphic designer, go visit his portfolio. You'll have some wow moments.

Zesty Boyz is a growing channel on YouTube, and probably the most promising I know of.
You'll find there a nice and fun podcast, but the most interesting part is Tony Scheyer's little memeic skits – in which there is more cinema than in the whole '10s cinematographic landscape, especially ECM (empty calories movies) by Villeneuve, Malick, Winding Refn, Nolan, or Cameron.
For a ten years starved cinema-enthusiast like me, that's very refreshing. Discover my favourite Zesty Boyz' sketches.

Fire Place is another criminally underrated channel on YouTube, full of creativity and very polymorphic – from short–short movies to music clips and even full–length movies, generally with a lot of artistic success. To be frank, sometimes it's gross, and sometimes it is the kind of aburdist humour GenZ is known to have a taste for, but it can be brilliant and sensitive too. Discover my favourite Fire Place's videos.


2020-04-01 DICK Philip – 1962 – Man in the High Castle (The)


☆ a (non-exhaustive) watchlist on imdb

2020-04-01 CARRON Marie–Cheyenne – 2017 – Morsure des Dieux (La)


PLAYLIST 2020-04

2020-04-02 Trevor Daniel – 2020 – Falling
2020-04-01 Billy Joel – 1973 – Piano Man


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